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  • 5K Success! 7th Annual Run Wrap Up

    September was National Recovery Month and in keeping with tradition, Truly Motivated hosted its 7th Annual 5K Run.

  • Break Out Your Boots & Black Ties! – Truly Motivated’s 11th Annual Dinner & Auction

    Break out your boots & black ties and Saddle Up!  This year’s event will be Hootin’ Hallarin” Good Time! Truly Motivated’s 11th Annual Dinner & Auction will be held April 22nd. Click here to find out more!

  • In One Word… (or less?)

    Watch as Joe Jr. and Joe Sr. visit with our residents to ask a simple question… What does Truly Motivated mean to you?

  • Video: Changed Lives

    From the triumph of victory to the tales of heartbreak, it is the people and their stories that make up Truly Motivated. The opportunity afforded here is real, a chance to write a new chapter in one’s life, where hope and transformation is the plot. I hope you enjoy this video of real life stories […]

  • Testimonial: Angel

    One of the biggest challenges that we often encounter is housing women and children. How do you make it all work, with accountability, child care, lack of parenting skills, no job, and the guilt and shame mom may feel over their circumstances? At this present time we here at Truly Motivated Transitional Living are unable […]


About Truly Motivated

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Truly Motivated Transitional Living is a network of clean and sober living homes in Yelm, Washington. We are a non-profit organization offering affordable fee-based clean and sober housing to men and women in various stages of recovery.


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  • Clean & Sober Living Environment
  • 3 Men's Houses
  • 1 Women's House
  • On site meetings
  • Opportunity for a fresh start


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