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Vision: To transform lives of those suffering from addiction by providing opportunities in housing, education, and support services.

Mission: To provide opportunities in Thurston County and the South Puget Sound for those suffering from addiction to transform their lives with the profound belief that people can change.

Truly Motivated was formed in 2005 out of the significant need in the Yelm and surrounding South Puget Sound area for supportive sober living. We operate as a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization and have three full time staff members who work on site and directly with our residents. Each home has a house manager who oversees the day to day happenings in the homes. All four of our homes are within walking distance of each other with access to our community meeting hall and dining room. Truly Motivated comfortably houses up to 25 residents.

For more than a decade now, we have witnessed extraordinary success. Mothers and fathers are reunited with children, and complete family restorations take place consistently. Lack of dignity and self respect turn into confidence and hope. Fear and devastation turn into courage and peace. Employment is secured, driving privileges are restored, legal matters are resolved and successful transitions to independent living happen regularly. While abstinence is a requirement for participation in our program and a foundational part of recovery, we consider achieving milestones to be a more insightful and appropriate gauge of success. In addition to sobriety, we track and monitor achievements that indicate progression toward independent living that are true signs of transformation and rehabilitation. Our most recent statistics from an early 2015 study of residents in our facilities from January to June show 68% become gainfully employed, 54% maintain sobriety, 42% were reunited with family, 22% obtained driver’s licenses, 3% enrolled in an educational program, and 17% successfully transitioned out to independent living.

We have developed partnerships with Washington State Department of Corrections, Behavioral Human Resources and many other community minded organizations. Moreover, we have been endorsed by the Tri- County Area Supervisor of Department of Corrections as “the best transitional living facility in the state.” We also have great working relationships with a number of local businesses and churches, as well as other agencies in the industry such as in- and out-patient treatment providers, and funding resources. We believe that through these partnerships and networking we give our residents a greater opportunity to have long term success in society.

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