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What does Truly Motivated mean to you?

Video: Changed Lives

From the triumph of victory to the tales of heartbreak, it is the people and their stories that make up Truly Motivated. The opportunity afforded here is real, a chance to write a new chapter in one’s life, where hope and transformation is the plot. I hope you enjoy this video of real life stories being told in their own words.

Testimonial: Angel

One of the biggest challenges that we often encounter is housing women and children. How do you make it all work, with accountability, child care, lack of parenting skills, no job, and the guilt and shame mom may feel over their circumstances? At this present time we here at Truly Motivated Transitional Living are unable to house women with their children. It is almost as if you needed a model home where these women could live and learn the way a “healthy” family operates. You see most of the ladies we come in contact with have had a dysfunctional life. With their experiences of abuse from the mental to the physical and deep rooted unhealthy behaviors, it can take years to learn a new way. Ask yourself what becomes of the child if the behaviors and the chains of oppression are not broken? The cycle continues! To hear Angel tell it, she did not want change. She wanted to stay in that place, sometimes the hardest part about change is just that - change. People in addiction whether active or arrested often times live their lives in fear and that is where Angel was at. Torn between wanting desperately out of the situation and the fear of what change may bring, she approached me and asked for help. We could not house her but I wanted to put her in a situation that ensured Victory in her life! I had what I thought was the perfect solution; I wanted to put her at Pastor Russ Blake’s house. Now that is change! She did not want to go; I basically had to tell her this is where you need to be. Here is what Russ had to say about this experience, “What an amazing opportunity it has been for us to have Angel and Ande in our home.  It really has provided us with a chance to mentor someone (who is very eager to re-learn life) in the most practical laboratory available; the laboratory of ‘doing life together’. Angel and Ande have indeed become a wonderful part of the Blake family and we are so blessed because of this experience.  We would recommend others in our position of life to avail themselves to this kind of mentoring, it’s the best!”(Russ Blake). Angel now has a full time Job, graduated from Thurston County drug court on the 25th of September, Ande is enrolled in school, and they are both enjoying a healthy life free of active addiction.

Testimonial: Brian

brian-family-smOn the outside everything looked great, good ole church going American family. The house, the good looking kids, dirt bikes, marriage, and I would assume a dog I mean why not everything else was picture perfect. The thing is underneath the surface, Brian had been concealing his massive problem with prescription narcotics. For years Brian went from doctor to doctor and when that ran out Brian was forced to get his drugs from the streets. Was not long before things started to unravel for Brian and one occasion Brian should have been dead when he ran his truck head on in to a telephone pole. When Brian came to Truly Motivated he had absolutely lost everything, and was in the middle of a divorce. The biggest problems Brian had to face was not so much his drug addiction but a whole host of lies his mind had lead him to believe. Guilt and shame plagued him, fear immobilized him, and his pride would not allow him to become real with himself. When I first met Brian I had asked him “so how are you doing” and his answer was typical of any guy “Oh I’m good” I proceded to tell him he did not have to lie to me. And that started us down a long hard road! Jacob, Aaron, Devin, those are the names of his three precious boys that I have grown very close to. Brian was in and out of Truly Motivated Transitional Living for about two years never capable of getting honest, but his boys remained in my life. During one of those times that Brian was gone, I lead a youth retreat that Aaron, his middle son attended and in a questionnaire Aaron labeled his dad as his hero. Brian called us for help again and Carmin had the opportunity to tell Brian who Aaron considered to be his hero, after a long pause Brian asked in a quiet shaken voice “he said that”? That was the beginning of Brian’s true recovery journey. When Brian came back to Truly Motivated I wrote the word HERO on the bill of his hat to remind him that he was still indeed loved and cherished by those boys! Is not funny how God's grace works, how unconditional his love is, and how that love was manifested through Brian's children! The very thing we all need to break through our hurts and hang ups is God's mercy and grace that was communicated very loudly to Brian in that very simple yet highly esteemed word "HERO". Brian has over a year and half clean and free, has his own place, continues to serve through service work, has a great job and the connection between Brian and his boys is undeniable. Brian holds his head up high, and walks confidently in who he is becoming in the Lord!

Annual Dinner and Auction

Bad boys with their hot rod cars, good girls with their skirts and scarves....  Penny loafers, Buddy Holly shades,  Saddle shoes were all the rage. That's right everyone it's that time again - Truly Motivated's Sixth Annual Dinner and Auction is right around the corner and this year's theme is the Fabulous 50s!  (more...)

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