Great God! Great Lengths!

I  would like to introduce you to Brea.... Brea's testimony caught my ear the first time she talked openly in one of our Genesis groups....   Brea's testimony caught my ear the first time she talked openly in one of our Genesis groups. She spoke of being ready to change, but after arriving at inpatient treatment, becoming overwhelmed and scared at what was ahead of her, and trying to climb a very tall fence to run away, she fell and broke her leg. She stayed, completed the program, afterwards coming to Truly Motivated. I got tears in my eyes and was deeply moved at what God will do to reach his children with His healing touch. "So God broke your leg so He could get you to stay put so He could start healing your heart?" I asked. ( after all, he did send a fish to swallow up Jonah!) You see, Brea's behaviors said she wasn't ready, but God is the only one who knows our hearts! When Brea arrived she had a lot of walls up and wasn't too sure of this God thing. We at Truly Motivated believe in meeting people right where they are at and walking with them in their recovery and faith walk . Brea is growing into a faith that is her own and it is beautiful to witness. In this article we will talk about a new program here at Truly Motivated;  for more on the Genesis Process go to What was it like before?  7 1/2 months ago I was living with a drug dealer running around selling heroin and meth all day and night,  I was using heavily and shooting up on a regular basis - usually 7-8 times a day. I didn't have contact with any of my family anymore including my 13 year old son or 6 year old daughter. I was very depressed, lied to everyone and didn't care about anything or anyone except for my drugs. I was down to 89 pounds and almost died from an overdose and was mentally unstable before I decided to try to get help again. I really thought there was no hope for me and that I would die due to drugs seeing how I had been to treatment several times and tried to get clean. Something made me decide to try one more time and to do something different than I had done before. What was it like coming to Truly Motivated? After completing inpatient treatment for 60 days, I decided to do something different by coming to a clean and sober house. I believe this decision is what truly changed my life. The ability to surround myself with other addicts that are staying clean and doing life is what kept me motivated to do the same thing. I was scared and nervous to live in a house with other women, but the ladies here were very inviting and welcoming to me. In the past 5 months of living at Truly Motivated I have become extremely close to the women here. Two of the ladies are my best friends today. What is life like today for you at 7 1/2 months clean? Today my life is completely different. For the first time in 17 years I have 7 1/2 months clean and sober and I am doing recovery. I am close to some of my family members and am building trust and respect back with others. I am involved as much as possible with my children. I take the opportunities to involve myself with as many functions that Truly Motivated offers. I feel good about myself and have my ambition back to achieve my goals that have been pushed aside for so long.  How has the Genesis Process helped you? I am so thankful to have the Genesis Process as a part of my recovery. I believe it has really helped me to understand where my addiction comes from and gives me the knowledge to realize that my recovery isn’t just about not using drugs or alcohol, but a process of retraining my brain and how to do it. Genesis has helped me learn about myself and why I have struggled with many issues. It makes me deal with my feelings, face my fears and learn to understand them, also why I have them and how to deal with them and change them with the help of God and others.

Congratulations Brea on your hard work and 7 1/2 months clean!!

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If you would like to send along a note of encouragement to Brea you may send it to 11326 Bald Hill Rd SE Yelm, WA 98597.

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