House 1

IMG_1465   Truly Motivated’s House One is the hub of our recovery community. Our first and largest home, House One offers sanctuary for up to nine men. The on-site meeting hall is home to a dining hall offering a family style dinner two nights out of the week to residents as well as the local community. A great room provides space for parents to spend time with their visiting children or family members. Our office is onsite and the door is always open. The adjoining workshop with access to tools and supplies for facility maintenance and personal projects. The surrounding three acres of property offer a children's outdoor play toy, horseshoe pits, volley ball net and picnic tables.
  • Comfortable and spacious living and common areas fully furnished
  • Satellite T.V./ DVD
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Very spacious common area with a wood stove
  • Horse shoe pit and half court basketball
  • Full laundry room
  • Breakfast and lunch food provided and dinner prepared in the evening
  • Access to public transportation
  • Peer support
Located on the property is our community meeting hall that serves as a lounge for the residents as well. Our meeting room hosts various 12 step meetings that open to the community, we have a very strong and alive recovery fellowship; allowing residents to create new, healthy relationships with others in recovery.  The meeting hall has some great benefits:
  • Daily 12 step meetings as well as faith-based study groups
  • Large T.V. with DVD
  • Comfortable setting with wood stove
This residence is well situated for making the first bit of time with the Truly Motivated family an easy adjustment. Residents at all four homes have access to amenities at House 1.

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