Kung Fu Panda 2

You may remember the great article Joe wrote last year about his friend and resident Kenny G, also known as Kung Fu Panda (if not you can read it here). As he shared with us all then, Kenny has found passion, purpose, and recovery for many years here at Truly Motivated. But when I recently heard we were having a steer as well as the pigs sent to the butcher, that our heifer Molly had a new baby calf and that we had new horses in boarding I thought I'd better stop by and see how Kenny was doing. Kenny came to live at Truly MotivatedĀ in 2007 and has been one of Joe's best friends ever since. It's hard to believe when you meet him that he was once a hardened criminal caught up between behavioral health systems and in and out of prison. The dually-diagnosed often go untreated and slip through the cracks. A lack of funding, aftercare or a treatment plan upon release goes to show that the system really doesn't understand how to address their needs. But when Joe met Kenny he knew quite simply that Kenny just needed a place to call home; and that's what your support of Truly Motivated has helped provide. Today, Kenny is our manager at House Three. He helps keep tabs on the other residents there and makes sure that everyone is meeting the Truly Motivated standard, following the rules and traveling along the road to recovery. At first sign of a problem, Kenny is sure to let Joe know. Not only because he cares about Truly Motivated but because he cares about the people that live here too. Kenny's care can also be seen on any given morning if you poke your head in the big red barn at House Three. Kenny tends to all the animals at Truly Motivated and it brings him great joy. When I heard that it was time for another slaughter my heart went out to our Kung Fu Panda because I know it's a tough time for him. I listened while he told me about the sad day the butcher came for 'SpongeBob' but smiled as he quickly said, "But it's ok... I got Molly's new baby calf and Joe's letting me keep the horns!" I followed Kenny out to the barn so he could show me and sure enough, placed carefully on the shelf were the steers horns. He told me in a very matter-of-fact way, "Next Tuesday is my birthday. I'll be 52 and I told Joe, all I want is a telescope and to mount SpongeBob's horns with a plaque that says his name." It's that simple. Kenny understands that keeping food costs down at Truly Motivated means raising our own beef and pork and while it makes him sad at times, Kenny is proud to be a part of helping make this place work. I smiled as he fed the horses we recently started boarding and chatted with him as he told me the little quirky likes and dislikes of each one. It's clear to see Kenny loves his animals and loves Truly Motivated. As always we thank you for your part in helping make it possible to provide Kenny a place to call home.

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