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Our Promise For all those who enter the doors of Truly Motivated Transitional Living it is our promise to provide a safe and secure home, a respect level that exceeds the norm, and genuine care and concern. We promise to provide opportunities that will enhance your recovery program . We promise to be available through out the many trials and life experiences that you may face in your journey on the road to recovery.  - Truly Motivated Staff The Recovery Dilemma The greatest barrier or dilemma facing an individual seeking recovery is environment. Returning to the same situation after exiting a detox, inpatient treatment or an institution can be very dangerous to sobriety. Transitional living offers an environment that is supportive and non threatening to sobriety. Residents can rest assured in the integrity of Truly Motivated Transitional Living. Shared experiences, fellowship and like-minded peers strengthen recovery. Truly Motivated Transitional Living is structured but non-restrictive. Residents are encouraged to find work, start school and work on barriers such as driver's license, collections etc. The idea is for residents to transition to independence at their own pace. Community We believe the unity we share in the houses as well as the family atmosphere set us apart. Being made to feel like you belong to something greater than yourself is without parallel. Stability and accountability are key factors in a solid recovery program and a high level of both exist at Truly Motivated Transitional Living. Although recovery is hard work, we believe it should be fun! We have a great time here at Truly Motivated, we are a family. A healthy, clean, and pleasant living environment
  • 12-step and faith-based meetings on-site
  • Life training - i.e.: resume building, budgeting, conflict resolution through mentorship
  • Referrals to counseling services when needed
  • Opportunities for new associations and healthy relationships
  • Breakfast & Lunch food provided
  • Healthy & nutritious evening meal two nights per week
  Resident Peer Panel The Peer Panel is made up of senior residents. The Peer Panel serves several purposes and sets up a "we" environment as opposed to an "us against them" scenario. The Peer Panel meets weekly and makes decisions concerning relapses and violations of Rules and Expectations. The Peer Panel also meets with residents throughout the first three months of residency to review short and long term goals and offer much needed encouragement and guidance. Expectations Upon admission, rules and expectations are explained, and a tenancy agreement is signed.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on drinking or using any form of  mood and mind altering substances.
  • Residents are subject to random supervised urine analysis and alcohol swabs.
  • Residents are expected to participate in 12-step recovery.
  • Residents are required to attend weekly onsite Genesis Relapse Prevention Groups.
  • Residents are required to engage in goal-setting and consistently work toward achieving those goals while they are here.
Relapse Policy A positive UA or Alcohol swab, admission to usage, abuse of prescribed medications or declining a UA is considered a relapse. Our relapse policy is that a resident under the influence must leave the home for three days. This is not a punishment, but a means to keep our homes in integrity as well as our other residents safe. We view relapse as an opportunity to strengthen one's recovery and learn. A resident may return after three days if they are - able to give a clean UA and/or alcohol swab, are honest about their usage, are ready to follow all recommendations for a black out period and completion of a Relapse Repair Plan. In instances of reoccurring relapse, referrals to inpatient treatment are available.

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