Testimonial: Kenny


Truly Motivated: Kenny G.

You can find Kenny out in the yard before dawn, feeding and watering the animals he takes care of. Since we have added animals to House #3 there has been huge change in Kenny. Something happens to a man when he finds purpose, passion is awakened, life begins to take on meaning and our selfish nature starts to fade. We serve a big God, Kenny suffers from Bipolar disorder, and many thought he would not make it out in society. You see most of his life was spent in one institution or another, falling victim to the belief that he was not worthy of the good things the Lord had in store for him. When society speaks we often listen, and that’s what Kenny did. “Your crazy, not worth anything, can’t do anything, just take these pills, keep quiet, and sit in the corner.” When he came to Truly Motivated, he came scared wondering if more of the same was in store for him. The Word tells us God's perfect love dispels all fear. We at Truly Motivated are not into telling people how we are different we want to show them! Kenny now knows how to read, write, drive, and yes lives a victorious life bought by the blood of Christ! Kung Fu Panda as I like to call him is the gentlest man I have ever met and one of my greatest friends. Today society and the lies it tells plays no part in Kenny’s life. Every day is a day that Kenny walks with purpose. Kung Fu Panda is Truly Motivated.  

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