Testimonial: Randy

"I came to Truly Motivated because the courts said it was either 90 days here or 2 years in prison. A lifetime of addiction had left me trapped in a cycle of selfishly trying to find happiness through gambling and other "quick fix" feel good things. I began counting the days until I could leave but after working with Joe and Carmin and being exposed to the success of the other men here I am learning to deal with my feelings and improve my relationship with God and my family. I really feel good about my future now, I am learning to do things for other people and that makes me feel GREAT! I no longer count the days until I can leave. I now look forward to waking up at Truly Motivated and I am excited about learning what God has in store for my future. Truly Motivated has not only saved my life it has given my family back their son, grandson, nephew and father."

Randy has successfully transitioned out, continues to remain sober and is doing great!

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